Central heating services: Powerflushing

Any symptoms shown on the diagram could indicate that you need Sunderland Powerflushing, your central heating system has circulation problems. This can be due to scale, sludge or corrosion in your system. Over a period of time your central heating system can become blocked and restrict the flow to your radiators making your system inefficient and more expensive to run

IDoPowerflushing are experts in cleaning central heating systems and have years of experience. You will notice the difference straight away with the performance of your central heating. Your system will be quieter and warmer and more efficient.

We can remove all these problems and restore the system to better circulation and efficiency thus extending the life of your heating system and reduce your energy bills.

In addition to power flushing we recommend you fit a magnetic filter, which will catch any remaining debris in the system before it enters the boiler.  This will help to extend the life of your boiler.

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We only use Kamco equipment. This company supplies the top of range products so our customers receive the best results.

The core component of a heating system is the boiler. When a boiler is renewed, the boiler manufacturers’ Benchmark scheme requires that the system be thoroughly cleansed to the BS7593:2006 Code of Practice. Currently, best industry practice is considered to be to powerflush the system. Power flushing is the fastest and most effective way to flush heating systems, and involves minimal disruption and dismantling. We use purpose built power flushing pumps, designed to cure the circulation and boiler noise problems caused by accumulations of sludge, corrosion deposits and scale which are found in most ageing central heating systems. The power flushing pump is temporarily connected into a heating system during the flushing process. The high water velocity, combined with instantaneous flow reversal, dislodges and mobilises sludge and corrosion deposits. Having loosened the debris, the pump expels it from the system to waste, using a high velocity flow of fresh water. Radiators are individually flushed without removal or disconnection from the system. After the power flush, the system is full of clean water, and re- instatement to normal operation takes only a few minutes. A power flush can be extremely effective in cleaning systems that have corrosion problems as a result of a design fault, but we strongly recommend that any such design faults be rectified before power flushing commences. The success of a power flush will depend on the level of heating system corrosion which has occurred beforehand. The process will cure most circulation problems, but cannot undo the corrosion and gradual decay that has led to the need to power flush the system. Whilst it is rare for a heating system to experience leaks after the power flushing process, it is not possible to inspect a system internally beforehand, and the need to use a flushing and dispersing chemical for effective cleansing means that occasionally we may find a leak The advanced stage of corrosion required for such a situation means that the leak would occur imminently even without a power flush. We believe that it is better that it occurs whilst we are present to remedy the problem, rather than for it to arise over a weekend or whilst the house is unoccupied. Systems which have been neglected over a period of time, or have not been treated with an effective corrosion inhibitor, may have severely compacted corrosion debris, in the pipe work, radiators, or boiler, and it is possible that even after the power flush, some radiators may still not be fully effective, or boilers on the margin of failure may cease working due to sludge and debris later breaking loose and collecting in the heat exchanger. The price that we have stated allows for a standard power flush only and if any of the above or similar problems arise during or after the power flush we will not hold ourselves responsible in any way. Any further work required would be carried out at an additional cost.

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